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Xinkepurui is committed to server hardware sales, cloud terminal, MINI PC, thin client, machine manufacturing, system integration, technical services, promotion and application of high-tech enterprises.

Server hardware architecture providerFocus on server hardware sales and various storage customization services

Support hotline:+86-0755-23762446
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Why choose Xinkepruri?

Xinkepurui employs a group of highly qualified professional and technical personnel to produce and sell server memory, Xeon processors, and server hard drives as its main business and provide customers with professional solutions.
ProductWith high performance and security to meet the needs of enterprise IT infrastructure, professional team to provide you with professional services
  • Server motherboard
  • INTEL Xeon
  • Server memory
  • SSD
  • Server hard disk

Advantage - Your Premium Server Hardware Provider

High efficiency server product manufacturer | stable quality | high cost performance

Service hotline:+86-0755-23762446

  • NO.1 Leading technology, international standards

    Xinkepurui adheres to the principle of "Promise commitment, quality first, service first" to enhance the company's core competitiveness. Through long-term, stable and close cooperation with many leading technology manufacturers, Xinkepurui has formed a complete product system, allowing customers to enjoy a wide range of choices.

  • NO.2 Leading technology equipment to researchers

    Mainly engaged in server memory, Xeon processors, server hard drives, server hardware product sales. The company has established close cooperation with the world's top IT companies and has become one of the most powerful providers of IT equipment suppliers and system solutions in China.

  • NO.3 Excellence concept, first-rate service

    As a strong high-tech enterprise, Shenzhen Xinkepurui Technology Co., Ltd. can not only provide customers with excellent software and hardware products, but more importantly, it can provide customers with complete technical support and complete system solutions.

  • NO.4 Numerous solutions and rich project experience

    The company's technical department has a group of well-trained and experienced professional and technical R&D engineers to provide customers with various application system solutions. Years of market sharpening has enabled us to have superior working experience and many successful examples.

  • NO.5 High performance, scalability, reliability

    The server-based computing model can achieve various advantages such as high availability, continuity, and flexibility of the desktop. Competitive prices, industry standard specifications, and award-winning performance. The product has been designed, manufactured and tested to ensure perfect operation in your designated system.

  • NO.6 Perfect service system, service-oriented

    Xinkepurui has established a complete pre-sales and after-sales service system. Online customer service at any time during the working hours provides you with sales service and technical support. Xinkepurui one-on-one professional after-sales team, regular after-sales return visit, so you worry-free.

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